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And then it happens. Up and down the row, the victors begin to join hands… By the time the anthem plays its final strains, all twenty-four of us stand in one unbroken line in what must be the first public show of unity among the districts since the Dark Days. You can see the realization of this as the screens begin to pop into blackness. It’s too late, though. In the confusion they didn’t cut us off in time. Everyone has seen.

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Mais um evento, porém dessa vez a sorte estava ao meu favor, hahaha #thg #catchingfire

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I don’t think I’m suppose to have this so I figured I’d share it.



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I’ll carry your world

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Encontrei uma tal de Luna Lovegood no evento, haha (em Salvador Shopping)

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No final isso não se compara aos sorrisos e palavras sinceras, mas é bom também, haha

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Capitol Couture: Zoetic Sol

Summer in the Capitol beckons leisure and repose. It’s a season devoted to lighter, frothier fashion and whimsical pursuits.  Join us in stylish recess and loyalty with Zoetic Sol.

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I tried carrying the weight of the world but I only have two hands.

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Finalmente chegou meu Branca dos Mortos e os 7 Zumbis ! Haha #jovemnerd #nerdbooks #zombies #fairytales

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Como amo essas referencias, hahaha #harrypotter #doctorwho

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